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Changelog v4.2.0F :
  • Typing Toast
  • Enable/Disable One Tap on Bubble
  • Enable/Disable Floating Entry
  • Fix Bug

  • Changelog v4.2.0 :
  • One Tap on Bubble Option
  • Modify Chat.
  • Fix Bug

  • Changelog v4.2b1 :
  • Base From FMWA 9.41F

  • DELTA YOWA Features
  • Theming HOME UI.
  • Quick Contact Sidebar.
  • Bulk Message Sender.
  • Auto Forward Message.
  • Auto Respons Call Rejected with Sending Message.
  • Modify Chat : one tap on bubble to modify chat
  • Quick Replies : keyboard shortcuts for frequently sent messages with type #.
  • Who Blocked You?.
  • Multy Account.
  • Send Encrypted Message : long click on Send Button.
  • And many more.

  • FMWA Features
  • The theme can be changed with many options.
  • Can modify Universal page, Home page and Chat page.
  • There is a floating action button function.
  • Send high resolution images up to 50MB. So that the quality of the photo is not reduced.
  • Send photos from gallery as 90 images at once.
  • Send video files up to 700MB.
  • Create video status up to 30 minutes without cropping.
  • Change font type for whatsapp.
  • More emoji variants.
  • Hide online status.
  • Can’t crash other people’s WhatsApp.
  • Anti delete message.
  • The number of characters in the status sheet reaches 255 characters.
  • Download other people status.
  • Anti tapping whatsapp.
  • bug fixes.
  • And many more.
  • The features that I have mentioned above are only a small part, you can try it to know more.

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    Posted by: DELTALABS
    1. Crash kalo untuk mengetik huruf . Tolong di perbaiki

    2. I have an issue in which when I type, the app crashes, please fix that error

    3. Al escribir dale error y me saca de la aplicación arreglala porfa

    4. Crash kalau untuk ngetik hurup di reelme

    5. floating Translate entry icon nya g bisa di hide ya? kok dicari pengaturan g ada? soale agak terganggu karena menutupi chat?

      1. Sama bang, ane juga pusing nyari pengaturannya dimana. Belum nemu ini.

    6. Can't hide the floating Translate entry icon? how come the settings are not there? because it's a bit annoying because it covers the chat?

      1. settings> conversation entry style> disable floating entry style

    7. From 4.1 version the app 've some errors, for example, when I wanna see my profile picture on the conversation screen, My profile pic don't show correctly, when I touch in my profile picture on the conversation screen, the app crashed, please fix this error . thnks

    8. Muchos problemas.
      No me deja enviar el error
      Se sale la aplicación mientra se usa
      No reacciona bien los cambio de personalizacion
      Detalle de mi dispositivo Quantum Q20

    9. Why i cant download it?, I can't see the link

    10. Who i hide "someone is typing" ??????

    11. Alguien sabe dónde está el link? :0

    12. Saya bingung harus download yang mana ketika ada info pembaruan
      semau versi com.delta sama

      seharusnya ketika ada pembaruan yang paling baru di taruh diatas atau dikasih link agar bisa menuju sasaran yang harus download (versi terbaru)